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About Adventist Community Services
The mission of Adventist Community Services ACS is to serve the community in Christ’s name (General Conference Sabbath School, 2008). T
he purpose of this ministry is not only to proclaim the Good News, the word of salvation, but also to demonstrate the love of God to people who are in need. Throughout Jesus’ ministry there is evidence of a genuine approach toward humanity; especially people who were marginalized, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised from society. These included the poor, the sick, the unclean, the prostitutes, and tax collectors—all outcasts as sinful people. Jesus expanded the Kingdom of God to places, people, and cultures that the Jews had never considered God to be interested in and has thus set these examples for many (Matt 9:10, 21:31, Rom 14:14).

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Warm Clothes Collection
There is a collection of warm clothes for those in need. If you have any unwanted items such as coats; jumpers; gloves; hats etc., please donate them. Please forward any item to any member of the Community Services Team.

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Collection of Non-Perishable Items and Toiletries

Our Community Service Department is here to give help to local people in their time of need.

Do you have items of clothing or equipment items that you no longer need? Would you be willing to donate the items to the church for fund raising? The Community Department will be attending Car Boot sales selling items to raise funds for members of our community who need help. Please speak to Sis Shorai or contact her on 07825524938 for more information.........
Thank you.